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Consumers desire more than innovation and great customer service, they want honest communication from brands. Develop brand awareness and long-term relationships by providing engaging and useful content to millions of consumers through IQadnet’s premium native ad network

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Benefits of Native Advertising

There are a number of reasons why your brand should be invested in Native Advertising.  Here are just a few of the good ones.


Earn Trust

A 2014 study by Kentico found 74% of consumers trust educational material from a brand as long as it seems objective and is not explicitly trying to sell a product or service. A 2015 Edelman study found 80% of consumers buy products or services because they trust the company that provides them.


Higher Engagement

71% of respondents that had previously bought a product from a brand felt that they identified more with a brand after seeing a native ad.  Consumers also look at native ads 52% more frequently than traditional banner ads, according to Share Thought.


Brand Awareness

70% of internet consumers prefer to learn about products through content vs traditional advertisements.   When consumers are able to learn more about a brand, it helps set it apart from the competitors. “45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.” — Landor Associates


Increased Sales

52% of individuals who click on native ads have a higher purchase intent than individuals that click on banner ads (34%).


Shared More

32% of consumers are more likely to share a great native ad compared to just 19% for banner ads.  Consumers trust information they receive from friends, family and co-workers more than any other source.


Avoid Ad Blindness

25% more consumers are likely to see native ads over traditional banner ads.  Internet users simply ignore traditional banner ads.  Native ads have been found to generate as high as 93% more clicks than traditional banner ads, according to StackAdapt. 

IQ Native Verticals

Target your audience across multiple sites.




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IQ Native Features

Premium tools and services to help drive maximum engagement for your campaign.


native ad network content creation

Content Creation

IQ Native works directly with writers from each publication to create the most engaging content for your brand.

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Message Frequency

Great messaging is only one part of advertising, By giving brands multiple posts in a package, IQ Native helps companies reach the frequency needed to establish brand awareness.

rich media

Rich Media

With research finding that adding rich media to a native ad can increase conversions by up to 60%, the IQ native ad network has added custom rich media such as videos and infographics to each native ad package.

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Native Display Ads

If your company is looking for a better way to attribute ad spending and also is also seeking for addtional methods to increase conversions on native articles, IQ Native’s display ads are the perfect addition to any campaign.  Our native banners appear 100% of the time next to your content, and are even able to bypass most ad blockers due to our unique ad distribution model.