How does IQ native work?

Rest easy knowing that from beginning to end, our team will work with your company to carefully craft a premium native campaign.  IQadnet’s native process involves four simple steps.

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Target Your Audience

When your brand partners with IQ Adnet, the first step we take is to identify the publications that match your audience the best. If we feel none of our publications will deliver the value your brand deserves, we’ll tell you. Our honest dedication to quality means we’re looking out for your company just as much as we’re looking out for ours.

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Plan Your Strategy

Our staff and the editorial team from the publications work with you to formulate a strategic plan for your brand’s campaign. The main objective of this strategic plan is to project your company as the expert. In order to do this, we’ll examine different angles and story concepts, choosing the one that provides the most value. Additionally, we’ll look for ways to tie your company’s existing marketing efforts into the campaign to help maximize ROI.



Write Your Story

When the time comes to create the content, your company may either submit its own or work together with a content producers assigned to your brand by the publications. All content produced by your company or assigned content producers will then go through an approval process with the editors. We work with these editors because they know their audience best.

Measure Your Campaign

Once your campaign launches, IQ Adnet will monitor your content to see how readers engage with it. Based on data trends, our team may even offer suggestions to improve campaign results. At the end of each month, a report will be provided, detailing reader engagement and insights.

Choose the plan that fits your brand.